About Us

We are centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma and offer a wide range of new and used oil related tubulars, pumping units and production equipment.


The company’s facilities includes a thirty-acre pipe yard, delivery trucks, and a 10,000 square foot production repair shop and a 3000 square foot machine shop. Trained machinists offer pumping unit repair, complete reconditioning of pipe with our hydrostatic testing facility for tubing and casing, Hub City cleaning for tubing, steaming for paraffin, and pipe straightening.

We actively purchase abandoned leases for salvage. Our plugging permit is #807, and we plug wells in Oklahoma according to Oklahoma Corporation Commission rules and regulations.

Let us turn your surplus inventory into cash.

Please be sure to read our company profile that discusses our motto of …. “Love it, or we’ll pick it up!”

Ron Arvine
– President