What makes us special is …

We maintain quality control of our used products. With our machine shop and pipe testing equipment, outsourcing is limited. We recondition all our used equipment. In many instances if parts are missing we fabricate them. Each used piece of equipment is reconditioned using strict standards. Below are pictures of our facility.

Arvine Pipe is a Bonded Plugger in the State of Oklahoma license # 807

Pumping Unit Repair

On Site Full Machine Shop

  On Site Full Machine Shop – Pumping Unit Repair – Part Fabrication – General Oilfield Repair of Production Equipment
Onsite Full Machine Shop      Carson
Gene        Lathe

Pipe Cleaning 

  Pipe Cleaning – Hub City Cleaner: Cleaning Outer diameter, Inner Diameter, and Full Length Drifting
Hub City Cleaner Hub City- Cleaner

Pipe Testing – Hydro Pipe Testing 

Pipe Testing Hydrostatic Pipe Tester


Well Plugging in Oklahoma


Arvine Pipe (3) Loaded Trucks Arvine Pipe (6) Trucks
Arvine Pipe (3) Trucks Arvine Pipe (1) Large Truck - (2) Pickup Trucks